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Below are just a few of the clients I have worked for over the years. Pictured are some of the helmets I’ve custom painted over the years along with pictures of the clients ride. I would be happy to custom paint your helmet be it a race helmet or motorcycle helmet. Unique designs from mild to wild let me custom paint your helmet making what you envisioned your helmet would look like a reality. I have worked for John Deere painting several helmets used in commercials, Martin guitars and Mattel Toys made a Hot Wheels toy monster truck from my murals I painted on the monster truck Bad News Travels Fast.

Formula Ford

Formula Ford

Doug Geisler turning laps in His car with helmet i did for him

” I love it too. The changes you made look fantastic. I like it all. I like the clock better with the 12. The chin guard looks great. The enhanced area you did in the white space look fantastic. And the binaries look wonderful.”


Barrette Jackson

Barrette Jackson

“Don, Awesome job on my helmet. My car was on display recently at the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction, my helmet on the car, dozens of people.commented on my cool looking helmet ! Thanks, Bob Gawlik”



MK 6 race car

MK 6 race car

“Great job. If you come to San Francisco would like to buy you dinner” Michael McDermott his MK6 race car and helmet I painted for him.




Ford Mustang SCCA racing

I had the pleasure to work with Don on two road racing helmets, one for myself as a competitive SCCA road racer and a 2nd as a gift for a friend who does track days. Both very unique concepts and themes, both far from oridinary! Don went “Above and Beyond” in the creative design process, understanding what the theme was and coming up with ideas to make it happen. He even did research in to one “Voodoo Hoodoo” design concept to ensure the presentatation was accurate in Voodoo culture! The quality and level of detail, both in the art and in technique were, as I can only describe as AWESOME. The designs ideas came though beyond expectations, the quality extraordinary, I could not be happier with the final outcome on both helmets. At my first SCCA event with the helmet, I literally had “fans” come over to photo the helemt, seriously! HIGHLY recommended!!!!

Mitch Marvosh

Bell Race Helmet Design

Bell Race Helmet Design

“Hey Don,
Just received the helmet today. It is TRULY AMAZING! Thanks for everything. I will have you paint all my racing helmets in the future, and I will spread the word around in my racing community. Thanks Alan”
Best Regards, Alan

Phil McSherry

Racer Phil McSherry

racer Phil McSherry

racer Phil McSherry

Above Phil McSherry and the helmet I painted for him.” Hey Don, sorry I never responded after getting the helmet. Needless to say I love it! Here are a couple pics from our first weekend this season. Two thirds in our cars debut weekend and I must say the helmet looks beautiful! We weren’t able to have our normal podium celebration due to weather but here’s one after post race tech and an action shot. Thanks again! I look forward to working with you again in the future!!” SCCA Formula First #14.

andrew car and helmet

andrew car and helmet

Above Andrew and the helmet I painted for him. “Hi Don, Wanted you to know that your helmet is a big hit. I’m spending the week at a single seat racing school and at least five people have asked me who did my helmet. I gave out your name of course. Great admiration all around. Take care, Andrew”

andy boen race car

andy boen race car and helmet I painted for him

Above: Andy Boen drag car and helmet I painted for him with transmission parts theme as he owns AB Transmission in Yakima, WA.


Quentin-De-Boever racing kart at OGP

Above Quentin De Boever leading the race at OGP with helmet I painted for him.

mark whitelegge kart racer

mark whitelegge kart racer

Above: ARAI GP6 race helmet with PED kit installed (front and back air dams), painted for Mark Whitelegge, races karts in the UK

“We are both very happy with the helmet.  We will keep spreading the word and for sure, if you need a reference, feel free to use either one of us! Thanks again for all the hard work.  Hopefully we can get a few more drivers your way! Martha Augustine”

NSX magazine Cover

NSX magazine Cover with helmet I painted featured

Helmet I custom painted for Bob made the cover of NSX Driver magazine.

“Don Johnson is an incredible artist! Great client contact and working relationship taking your ideas and then coming up with an amazing design based upon the client’s thoughts and concepts. But it doesn’t end there – – – he takes the design and then creates a helmet that captures the attention of all those viewing it both in style/artistic talents as well as in the ultra-high quality of the end product in paint application and finishing. He has done two helmets for me now, a skull design for a karting 15 year old girl (yes, a girl wanted skulls!) and an American flag design for me to use when I race my Acura NSX. My helmet caused such stir when it was seen at the track that NSX Driver Magazine made it the cover photo of a recent issue. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work and the artist himself and unqualifiedly recommend Don to anyone looking to create a helmet that “is you” and not just another knock off of someone else’s design. THANK YOU Don for allowing me to wear your art! Bob Ondrovic”


Bob Ondrovic his race car and helmet I painted for him.

Derek Grover helmet

Derek Grover helmet

“A few years ago I commissioned Don to do a custom airbrush job on my new helmet for the 2009 IMSA racing season. My request, which I thought was a near impossible task, was to recreate the 1973 Emerson, Lake & Palmer album cover of H.R. Giger’s “monochromatic biomechanical industrial mechanism with a human skull, Brain Salad Surgery”. H.R. Giger, the concept artist of the creature “Alien” created this cover art for the 1973 release of the now infamous ELP album cover. I was so impressed with the artwork that Don created on my IMSA helmet that I only used it during one race and retired it to my trophy case in fear of ruining it with use. It now sits like a masterpiece of 21st Century Motorsports Art in my home. Derek M. Grover Cinematographer / Ex-Racer” October 15, 2013

jerry brown

jerry brown

Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner drag racer

mark Schroeder

Mark Schroeder

ray dalton

ray dalton

Craig von-dohren

Craig von-Dohren his race car and the helmet I painted for him

ward Hurst

Ward Hurst his race car and the helmet I painted for him


Jennifer the helmet I painted for her and her trikde

jeremy fletcher

Jeremy Fetcher and his kart and helmet I painted for him

Sam and his sister Isabella

Sam and his sister Isabella with helmets I designed and painted for them

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