RC Boat Custom Painting

RC boat custom painting makes your boat or helicopter stand out from the rest with a custom paint job.

I have designed and custom paint RC boats, cars, and helicopters so I have experience doing them.

Both from the design standpoint to the actual painting process I would be happy to work with you.

I use only the best custom automotive paints and clear coats to ensure your RC looks great for years to come.

Contact me now to get started on your RC project. Use the CONTACT page or call, text 1-352-361-3403 to discuss your idea’s.

Below RC boat I designed, custom painted.

Prices for custom painting RC’s depends great on the type of RC you want to be painted, the complexity of the design, any specialty type paint used.

There is no limit as to the design, colors we can paint your RC working together I’m positive we can come up with the perfect design.

Call or text me at 1-352-361-3403 to discuss your ideal custom paint job for your RC.