Project Description

Race Helmet Design 47

Race helmet design 47 is a Bell GP3 race helmet I designed and painted for Derek Grover, very interesting, detailed, fun design to paint. This is an original race helmet design by helmet painter Don Johnson. This is my favorite style of race helmet design, it just to seems to fit in with the machine a race car is. Derek wanted the ELP picture incorporated into a race helmet design the rest I came up with myself.

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“A few years ago I commissioned Don to do a custom airbrush job on my new helmet for the 2009 IMSA racing season. My request, which I thought was a near impossible task, was to recreate the 1973 Emerson, Lake & Palmer album cover of H.R. Giger’s “monochromatic biomechanical industrial mechanism with a human skull, Brain Salad Surgery”. H.R. Giger, the concept artist of the creature “Alien” created this cover art for the 1973 release of the now infamous ELP album cover. I was so impressed with the artwork that Don created on my IMSA helmet that I only used it during one race and retired it to my trophy case in fear of ruining it with use. It now sits like a masterpiece of 21st Century Motorsports Art in my home. Derek M. Grover Cinematographer / Ex-Race