Website Design Service – Twenty-five years ago I hired a company to build my first website. At that time I know nothing about the internet, for that matter not many people did. The website turned out great and served its purpose I did get work from having the website.

It became apparent pretty quickly that someone else controlling my website could get very expensive. Every time I wanted to add pictures of my artwork, change anything on the website I had to have the company do it for me. And every time I received a bill from that company for changes I requested.

So I pretty much locked myself in a room for several weeks to learn how to build my own website. In those days that entailed using software that isn’t even around anymore, but I learned.

For the last 24 years or so I have continued to stay involved in website design doing my own websites and websites for friends.

I’m now offering this service to anyone needing a website, be it to promote your race team, business or just for personal promotion, fun. Included in my service is my teaching you how to maintain your own website, make changes, etc.

I now use WordPress for all my websites including this website. WordPress powers 30% of the websites on the Internet it’s that stable, customizable its is the choice of many web design companies. It also allows for the website owner to become their own webmaster making any changes they wish to the website without knowing a line of code.

Need a website? Have a limited budget and time to learn how to accomplish this?

Then I have a perfect solution for you from website design to hosting the website for you plus teaching you best practices to make changes to your website easily and quickly.

Contact me today to get started!! call or text 1-352-361-3403


Because Google and other search engines are still the number # 1-way people search the Internet for businesses they need. Search engines are still the #1 way to promote yourself, service, business.

Yes you can build a store into the website just like I did on this website. Sell hard products you ship or digital downloads, take reservations and more. I would be happy to discuss your needs in a website anytime. Call or text 1-352-361-3403 now!

I strongly believe in investing the time to learn how to control your own website and with that in mind I’m ready to help you. I can make videos for you on subjects concerning your website that show you step by step how to make changes to your website. I’ll have you up to speed in no time on controlling your web site.

After the initial cost of building your website to host your website on a good secure server all set up for WordPress about $25.00 per month if you pay one year in advance or $40.00 a month if you wish to pay monthly.  There are cheaper hosting deals available but you get what you pay for what I suggest is the best you will find. Secure and includes a bunch of things free that you would have to pay for with other hosting companies.

That depends a great deal on how much functionality you want to build into the website. Do you want just a basic website for personal use? A website to promote your crafts, artwork .a gallery website? Do you want to sell products from your website? Do you already own a domain name or do you need to purchase one? I charge by the hour basically at a very reasonable hourly rate to help you build your website.

To build a basic website one day the more complex the project the longer it will take of course. Contact me today to discuss your needs, requirements be happy to talk to you about it. Call or text 1-352-361-3403