The inspiration for helmet painting, custom race helmet designs can be found everywhere. Do not just look at what has been done on race helmets in the past, traditional race helmet graphic’s. Thinking outside the box often creates the best helmet design.  I design and paint helmets for people all over the world.

Your helmet design can reflect many things from important people in your life (family) to your business, parts of your car, big bold colors, chrome and metal effect paints, your sponsor’s. Helmet painting, helmets designs the only limit there really is your imagination.

Helmet painting is a passion with me. I have painted custom race helmet designs that picture a clients business, gears from their car, old airplane nose art, their car number and more. Provide me with your design ideas and let me refine it to fit your race helmet.

Contact me today to get started on your next custom race helmet use the form below to send me your helmet painting design idea’s and brand helmet you want to be painted or text, call 1-352-361-3403.

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Pricing List for custom paint, designing race helmet PRICE LIST


I’m an authorized retailer of Bell race helmets order your Bell race helmet from me thru MY BELL STORE HERE and get special pricing on having me custom paint it.



Automotive custom paint and clear coats will be used on your helmet, the same type of paint every sanctioning body in all forms of racing has approved. Gloss, satin or flat clear coat finishes are possible or even a combination of any two if interested please let me know when discussing your design ideas.

Helmet to the left the black areas in the helmet are finished with a flat clear coat the blue areas with gloss clear. The white designs are glow in the dark blue.Custom white rubber trim replaced the stock black rubber trim.


Race Helmet Designs

From wild to mild race helmets designs is what I design and custom paint. From more traditional race helmet designs like Alan’s above to just about any wild idea, you might have I’m comfortable designing and custom painting. Most of the helmets you see on my site took anywhere from 40 to 80 hours to complete.

Below same race helmet with different color trim. I can change the color of the trim (both bottom and eye port) on Simson, Impact and Bell helmets. Having color trim will really help your helmet to stand out from all the rest. 

race helmert

Race helmet with factory trim replaced

Race helmet

Race helmet with custom trim

This helmet is painted with House of Kolor and Ghost Chrome. And the trim has been replaced with colored trim.


To the left is custom race helmet I painted for a client who wanted a gear out this tranny to be included in the helmet design so he sent me the picture and here is the result. Unique race helmet design that turns heads every track the client goes to.

G Force helmet

G Force helmet design

To the left custom race helmet design to high light the clients business, construction company, along with his kids’ names.

race helmet

helmet sponsor


Below custom race helmet I painted for a client to spotlight his sponsor. 

Those are just a few ideas as far as design goes as I said there are no real limits.

To see more of the race helmets I’ve painted CLICK HERE, please.

Contact me today by using the form below or call or text 1-352-361-3403.