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Each helmet project presents its own challenges, material requirements please contact me with your design idea’s and brand, the model helmet you have which determines helmet painting pricing. Examples below….

Twenty years I have invested in learning to design and custom paint race helmets I charge what I believe is a fair hourly rate.

I make every effort throughout the whole process to provide clients with an honest representation of the design we agreed on.

I will try to work within your budget so contact me today.

Example below to be used as a very general guideline on a new white helmet.

Used helmets, flat black color helmets extra charge.

FROM 3/18 —– 4/25/18 receive 10% 0ff  any helmet painting CONTACT ME now!!!

or call-text 1-352-361-3403

race helmet

BASIC GRAPHIC HELMET                  

3 to 4 Base Colors
Gloss Finish
Name on Side
Minimal Airbrushing, Special Effects
Minimal Pin Striping
Straight line Graphic’s
No Design Changes After Approved Design
Please See Add n List Below
Standard Font Used Arial Black



Name On Both Sides

5 to 8 Base Colors

Pinstriping Two Colors

Fades and Airbrushing

Gloss Finish

Special Effects Airbrushing

Standard Font For Name Arial Black

Please See Add On List Below

Two Design Changes After Approved Design


Name On Both Sides

4 to 5 Base Colors

Flake Used In Special Effect Areas

Pearl Used In Special Effects Areas

Gloss Finish

Extensive Airbrushing, Drop Shadowing


Pinstriping Two-Three Colors

Checker Or US Flag Waving

Max Input During Enter Process

Five Design Changes After Approved Design

Standard Font Arial Black Used

Please See Add On List Below


All major credit cards accepted thru Paypal (shipped only to your address as Paypal has it), check, money order, cash. Must be paid for in full before items leave the shop, checks (funds must clear bank).

Please keep in mind most of the helmets I’ve done require 40 hours work or more to complete.

**PED kits (rear and front air dams, vent covers) anything not attached to the helmet by the manufacturer requires additional time thus expense, please see ADD ON ITEMS below.

Contact me today I would be happy to talk to you about working together on your race helmet design, painting.

Add On Items:

Below are add on items to consider when planning your helmet design.

Prep Used Helmet- Repair minor scratches, dents…………..$75.00 US

Install PED kit provided by client…………$50.00

Painting to match helmet design and installing PED kit……….starting at $150.00

Matt finish ……………$100.00

Matt, Gloss finish……..$175.00

Logo painting (client to supply file)………$30.00 – $100

Airbrush art work…….Cartoons, animals, etc. ………….$75.00 – $200 depending on subject

Chrome base paint……………$650.00

Gold leaf …………..$75.00 to $200 depending on requirements

Font Choice …………..$25.00 Font Other than Standard Font Arial Black I use for names

Used Helmets………Depending on nick, scratches on the helmet generally $75.00 unless it is in like new condition.

Flat Black Helmets…..Require a lot of work before they can be painted if at all possible get a white, black, silver colored helmet, gloss finish. $100.00 to prep a flat black helmet to paint..