Turning helmets into works of art is my passion, my profession and has been for 20 years. I like to look beyond what you normally see on helmets these days, bright colored graphics.  They all start to look a like after you have seen enough of them.

I take the subject the client wants to showcase on their helmet and turn it into original, unique one of a kind helmet design. A design you can truly call your own, a design that stretches the imagination and makes people really at it and say “wow”.

With this client he wanted to showcase a Bentley car on his helmet. Generally that would menthe Bentley logo to 99% of the helmet painters out there. To me it was a great challenge to bring the entire car into the helmet design.

The wheels, tires just seem to fit perfectly where I painted them. The helmet shield made for a perfect car wind shield. The license plates on the back of the helmet really help sell the idea the helmet resembled the actual car. The Bentley logo on top of the helmet on both sides worked out great.

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